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About Me

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🇹🇷 My name is Umut YILDIRIM, and I am a Full Stack Software Engineer based in Turkey.

🚀 Whether it's websites, apps, or IoT, I love building cool stuff with tech.

🌏 To me, coding is the closest thing to magic we have on Earth.

👨‍💻 My Raspberry Pi has been helping me write beautiful code since 2016.

🏆 In high school, my friends and I attended ten hackathons and won seven of them.

🎒 I was a Computer Programming Associate Degree Student at Isik University from 2020 to 2022.

🎒 A certificate in Computer Science was recently awarded to me by Flatiron School.

☁️ Cloud-native and open source are my passions.
🔥 I'm a big fan of Firebase and Google Cloud Platform..
At present, I am working on a Firebase and Cloudflare project.